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Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon: Race Day Tips

The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon 2020 is almost here, and all your training is about to pay off. Now it's time to focus on preparing for the event. Bupa... Read more


How to prepare for a Half Marathon

Preparing for a half marathon can be just as challenging as a full marathon, especially if it's your first. Bupa Dental has partnered with the Sydney Morning He... Read more


How to look after a dental implant, bridge or dentures at home

If you have a problem with a dental implant, bridge or denture, contact your local Bupa dental clinic to find out whether you need to make an appointment or if ... Read more

Tags:  Gum health,  Prevention

How to manage a broken, chipped or loose tooth at home

Chipped, broken or loose teeth can be uncomfortable and make it harder to eat, as well as possibly leading to infection. If any of your teeth or dental restora... Read more

Tags:  Damaged or missing teeth,  Gum health,  Kids' dental

8 of the sugariest snacks to avoid

The Australian Government may have decided against introducing a 'sugar tax,' but the discussions this provoked have helped to raise awareness of how too much s... READ MORE

Tags:  Kids' dental

Kids’ tooth decay – test what you know

Tooth decay (also referred to as dental caries) isn't only the most common type of oral disease – it's also one of the most prevalent diseases in Australi... READ MORE

Tags:  Kids' dental

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