How to handle a toothache

Maybe you feel a dull, throbbing pain in your jaw. Maybe one side of your mouth hurts when you bite down on something. Maybe you get a sharp pain whenever you d... Read more

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Five teeth-friendly recipes

There are plenty of delicious ways to look out for your teeth as well as your waist. Whether you're outside at the BBQ or in the kitchen, try these tasty, tooth... Read more

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Get to know your local dentist in Chatswood

Dr Bernard Taylor is a well-known figure in the local Chatswood community. He’s been taking excellent care of residents’ dental care for 25 years fr... Read more

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Fun ideas to make someone smile

We all work hard to look after our smiles, so it’s important to give each other a chance to show them off! Making someone smile is one of the greates... Read more

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Pregnant woman receives a check-up

FAQs: pregnancy, oral health and you

Pregnancy can be a demanding time for your body - that includes your teeth and gums. While the old myth that "you lose a tooth for every child" simply isn't tr... Read more

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Bupa Dental Petrie’s day out

Did you catch Bupa Dental Petrie at North Lakes State College’s Multicultural Carnival? On Sunday, 16 October, some of Bupa Dental Petrie’s friendl... Read more

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