Dental Health Month is here! For the month of August, our Bupa Dental clinics will be actively involved in the community, helping to spread the word about the importance of healthy oral habits from a young age. To get kids excited about dental health, we have a range of animations, including ways to make brushing fun and the first trip to the dentist!

During Dental Health Month, we will be promoting a series of animations to explain the need for healthy oral habits from a young age. These animations will focus on common oral health concerns, including the need for regular teeth brushing as well as the importance of keeping young mouths healthy, right from the first tooth. The animations will also encourage viewers to think about the sugars that are in every day food and drinks.

In addition to the animation series, our Bupa Dental team will be visiting local schools and providing information about healthy oral habits. We will be sharing the importance of implementing a good oral care routine from a young age, which includes preventative dental care.

For many families, a trip to the dentist often only occurs when there is a noticeable problem. But preventative oral care is just as important as restorative dental care. With regular check-ups and a good daily oral care routine, the number of cavities and other oral problems that occur in adults and children may decrease.

At Bupa Dental, we are passionate about helping the whole family be the healthiest that they can be. So this Dental Health Month, we have something for everyone. Keep an eye out for our animations, or pop into your local Bupa Dental clinic and learn more about how to make good oral health a habit for you and your family!