We all work hard to look after our smiles, so it’s important to give each other a chance to show them off! Making someone smile is one of the greatest gifts you can give, especially during the holidays. Bring a smile to someone’s face with these ideas from people who are in the industry of fun.

Prepare to surprise someone close to you and you might enjoy a few giggles yourself.

Bond your team with Beastwear

Beastwear is a manufacturer of custom-made sportswear for every sport. Their products are worn by both professional and amateur athletes, sports clubs and schools.

Snapback caps are a great unifier for any team. When a player puts one on they instantly smile and become more confident, say Beastwear. After the match, our caps show the players’ individuality. Whether they’re worn forwards, backwards or with a tilt to the side, they’re always worn with a smile!

When they made someone smile: The best smiles always come from kids, the staff at Beastwear reveal. ‘The smiles on the faces of the Indoor Netball Premier League as they opened the boxes containing their new uniforms were unforgettable.' Some of them were taking selfies on their phones in their uniforms. The giggles were infectious, say Beastwear.

Plan a breathtaking proposal with Phillip Island Helicopters

Phillip Island Helicopters operate scenic helicopter tours over Australia’s most varied coastline. Beyond their standard tours, they also tailor their flights to meet individual needs.

A helicopter flight over Phillip Island is enough to make almost anyone smile. The thrill of taking off in the helicopter is exciting in itself, but the highlight is experiencing some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery. The tours include Seal Rocks, the Grand Prix Circuit and Victoria’s beautiful beaches.

When they made someone smile: The helicopter tour company loves it when people choose to celebrate special occasions with them. One recent example was a proposal that took place 1,000 feet above the ocean. It was pre-arranged with the pilot for the best time to pop the question, with amazing views of Phillip Island. Everyone involved was smiling when the lady in question said ‘Yes!’

Pick a signature fragrance with Kiana Beauty

Kiana Beauty supplies more than 70 Australian and international beauty, fragrance and skincare brands. They take pride in helping clients find the right skincare, makeup or fragrance for them. All orders come giftwrapped, which is great if you’re looking to make someone smile with a thoughtful gift.

In their experience, a well-chosen scent turns heads, starts conversations and makes people smile. Simply spraying on a signature fragrance can bring back fond memories.

When they made someone smile: Happiness has a knock on effect. The team at Kiana Beauty love to hear how their service makes customers smile. They recently received a positive review for their personalised customer service and giftwrapping on social media. ‘You made my day,’ said the happy customer. Smiles all round!

Get a whole new look with Brisbane School of Hairdressing

Hairdressing, barbering and beauty are all about making people feel good. Operating for over 37 years, Brisbane School of Hairdressing is Queensland’s leading hair and beauty training facility. The educators believe in an environment filled with laughter and smiles.

They love to empower their students with these skills and make someone smile every day. The beauty experts find it rewarding when clients let them know they feel better after a session.

When they made someone smile: For Brisbane School of Hairdressing Manager Tina, her most memorable moment involved a four-year-old boy who came in for a haircut. He hated having his hair cut, but they persevered for three visits. You can imagine the smiles when on his fourth visit he ran in pointing to his hair and saying he needed a haircut! He and his parents were beaming from ear to ear, as was Tina.

Move your body with The Yoga Space

Yoga can be more fun than you might think. It does take mental and physical effort, but The Yoga Space always makes sure there’s a place for laughter in their classes. Sometimes yoga teachers take themselves seriously; this isn’t the case at the Perth-based yoga community.

It makes the experienced teachers smile to see their students becoming more confident and finding an outlet for stress through yoga. If you’re looking to make someone smile, consider sharing a yoga class.

When they made someone smile: The light-hearted studio’s favourite moments are always when students and teachers have a giggle at themselves. To an outsider, some of the poses can look silly. Whole classes can end up laughing as students try to get their bodies into different postures. However, the biggest smiles happen when they finally achieve something new.

Have fun with Xtreme Party Hire

So many items at Xtreme Party Hire are fun and challenging. The Melbourne-based company provide services and equipment for all kinds of parties. Sumo suits and the Mechanical Bucking Bull can be ways to get people active and, yes, smiling.

Karaoke and arcade machines are perennial favourites, say the party experts. They give people the chance to challenge each other, show off their skills and share plenty of smiles.

When they made someone smile: One mother recently wanted to surprise her four-year-old son with a Paw Patrol Jumping Castle. Xtreme Party Hire managed to assemble it before he was awake. You can just imagine his smile when he looked out of the window! He was on it all day, and they kept the magic alive by not packing the castle away until after he’d gone to bed.

Gain a new perspective on life with Sydney HeliTours

The team of professionals behind Sydney HeliTours enjoy providing passengers with memorable moments. A tour over the iconic harbour city is a great way to make someone smile, whether you’re looking for a private flight or even corporate function.

Sydney HeliTours operates from Mascot Heliport, Sydney Airport and offers a pick-up/drop-off service.

When they made someone smile: Each pilot has their most favourable moments of when the joy and pleasure of flying have made our passengers smile and laugh. Most of them revolve around a passenger, who initially may have been anxious about flying, returning from their flight with pure happiness and joy on their face.

Support a good cause with ONTHEGO Sports

ONTHEGO Sports designs, develops and distributes team wear to players of all sports and team activities. They enjoy inspiring others to lead a healthy and active life.

One of the aspects of their business they enjoy the most is witnessing people doing truly inspiring things in their gear. They have designed apparel for many people who push the limits to raise money for charity. It’s amazing to help people make a difference, says ONTHEGO Sports.

When they made someone smile: ONTHEGO Sports recently produced a fully customised cycling kit for Greg McDermott from Ride Around Oz. Greg is currently cycling 15,000 km around Australia for Youth off the Streets. It makes them smile to think that they are supporting such a good cause.

Pamper someone you love with Aurora Spa

Many people walk into Aurora Spa feeling overworked and stressed, but leave feeling a lot different. The urban spas have been operating in various Australian locations for over 18 years. They offer unique restorative treatments and natural, botanical spa products.

The relaxation experts enjoy watching clients go through the different treatments and seeing them unwind. If you know someone in your life who could use a little bit of TLC, consider booking them into a spa session!

When they made someone smile: Recently a new client experienced his first ever spa treatment. The spa staff guided him through the experience. Afterwards, he wrote to them saying that his treatment had been one his top favourite experiences, and they’d made him feel like a king!

Host a beautiful event with Koch & Co

Koch & Co is a nationwide supplier of florist supplies, gift and wedding decorations. Their range of products is so large, it’s hard for anyone not to find that special something to make a loved one smile!

Their products are designed with both busy florists and DIY enthusiasts in mind. They take great joy in creating personal and memorable experiences for each customer.

When they made someone smile: Their favourite stories always come from knowing they’re making a difference to people’s lives. One such client was a bride who used their inspirations gallery to help pick the silk flowers for her bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets. She later sent Koch & Co photographs with thanks for making her day extra special and full of joy.

Get some balance in your life with Brahma Kumaris Australia

Sometimes getting to know yourself better can lead to a more positive outlook on life. Brahma Kumaris is dedicated to personal transformations achieved through the practice of Raja Yoga or ‘Yoga of the Mind’.

The aim is to be able to access a few moments of calm whenever needed. The long-term vision is to integrate an uplifting practice into everyday life.

When they made someone smile: After just one session with Brahma Kumaris, one client wrote that they left ‘feeling much more peaceful, calm and balanced.’ The meditation experts find it rewarding to see individuals manage their lives with ease and grace.

Laughter is truly the best medicine. If there’s someone in your life you’d like to make smile, try one of these ideas and share a smile.