Your smile is a simple gesture that can convey a great range of emotions and messages to those around you. But how much attention do you pay to your smile? Along with regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene, there are a few ways you can enhance your grin and reap the benefits of smiling regularly.

Find out some of the benefits of smiling from those in the beauty and health industry, backed up by advice from Bupa dietitian, Rosalyn D’Angelo, on some of the benefits of having a great smile and how to enhance your own.

Vivian Ashworth Hair and Makeup

With more than 25 years of experience, professional hair and makeup stylist Vivian Ashworth knows how to make the most of a great smile. She says that a little bit of practice goes a long way to ensuring you have a beautiful, flawless smile. This is advice she passes on to her clients, recommending they practice their smiles before appearing before the camera.

Photos are evidence from different moments in our life and Vivian says it’s sometimes important to be smiling in them if you want to remember it as a great moment. She says, ‘if you’re not smiling, the photo might not reflect the happiness of the moment.’ You might not be appearing on the red carpet anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice your smile. Think of it as preparation for events such as birthdays, weddings and other social gatherings.

New Life Nutrition

‘Smiling is a natural response that helps you also share joy with others,’ says Julie Masci, dietitian and owner of New Life Nutrition. She adds that when your smile is healthy, you may be more willing to share it with others. To help keep your smile healthy, Julie suggests eating foods that are good for dental hygiene and avoiding or limiting those that are less than ideal.

Bupa Dietitian Rosalyn D’Angelo agrees with their advice to limit sugary foods in particular. “The bacteria in our mouth feed on the sugars you eat and drink,’ she explains. This produces an acid that damages the enamel – the protective layer of our teeth. Julie adds, ‘The more often you eat high-sugar foods, the more acid is produced, and the faster the teeth will decay.’ Yet another reason to pass next time you’re offered a chocolate bar.

Honest to Goodness – Organic Food and Natural Food

With an emphasis on local and ethically sourced producers, Honest to Goodness is one of the leaders in the natural and organic food supply industry. They love to help keep health enthusiasts smiling with their range of organic, fresh and nutritious foods. To them, it’s important to build meaningful relationships with both their customers and the farmers who supply their stock – beginning with a smile!

According to Honest to Goodness, one of the benefits of smiling is that you might make a positive impression on others. In their opinion, it’s the first thing many people will notice about you and, as such, can make you appear and feel more confident and approachable.

Jacqueline Kalab Beauty

Jacqueline Kalab’s exclusive clientele includes thousands of celebrities. She says they astound her with their ability to smile no matter what their personal situation. Jacqueline explains what she sees as a major benefit of smiling, ‘When you smile, it welcomes people, and when we welcome people, we welcome opportunities, relationships and connections.’ She says this is one of the reasons celebrities are so popular. ‘We are drawn to this welcoming and giving nature.’

She recommends enhancing your smile by using pure lanolin on your lips. It’s her number one lip tip and can be used with lip-liner or lipstick, to help lips stay beautiful and shiny. When choosing a lip shade, Jacqueline advises using blue-based tones that can help your teeth to appear whiter.

Maya Brosnan

‘How often you show your pearly whites to the world can often represent not just how happy you are, but also how confident or how good you feel about yourself and your smile,’ says Maya Brosnan. The Gold Coast-based nutritionist and author of 'KIS and Lose Weight' aims to inspire Australians to live a healthier life. Maya suggests making a few small adjustments to help you on your way to a brighter, shinier smile.

One of her recommendations is to not only think about what you eat but also what you drink. ‘Restricting coffee and tea intake is another important factor in keeping our teeth healthy and bright as these drinks are not only acid forming but can stain and discolour our teeth too.’ Rosalyn agrees, saying that it doesn’t mean that you need to cut these drinks out altogether to reap the benefits of smiling, but your main beverage of choice in Australia should be tap water. ‘We’re lucky enough to have tap water with fluoride added to help repair the tooth surface,’ Rosalyn explains.

Wholefoods Melbourne

From dried fruits and nuts to natural cleaning products and condiments, Wholefoods Melbourne stocks a plethora of vegan, gluten-free, raw and organic foods and supplements. Their philosophy is based on the idea that healthy smiles come from happy souls. They encourage you to do at least one thing every day that recharges you and makes you feel great. This could help you experience the benefits of smiling.

‘Calcium and phosphorous strengthen our bones and teeth, and can help repair teeth after they’ve been exposed to acid,’ says Rosalyn. She adds that vitamin D can help with the absorption of these minerals. Most Australians receive their calcium requirements through dairy. However, Rosalyn advises that if you’re unable to eat dairy for any reason, you should get professional advice on which calcium-fortified products and supplements could help.

Raw Trader

Raw Trader in Melbourne has a sumptuous menu, featuring an array of tasty desserts that are organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and/or paleo. To them, one of the main benefits of smiling is the way you project confidence and fun. Smiling often can convey a positive outlook on life, they add.

It can help to be conscious of what is contained in processed food before eating it, especially added sugar. ‘We find added sugars in food like chocolate, soft drinks and lollies,’ says Rosalyn. She also warns that you also should be aware that seemingly healthy foods, like yoghurt, cereal and sauce, can also contain added sugars.

A great smile can brighten someone’s day. As our panel of experts all agree, one of the best benefits of a healthy and happy smile is the power for it to attract people to you. Look after it well and flash it as often as you can!