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Pay nothing for kids’ dental check-ups

It’s been said that a smile is one of the nicest things that someone can give and receive, so make sure yours is in a condition where you want to flash those pearly whites often!

However, if you’re worried about your smile, or just need a regular check-up and clean, our experienced team of dental professionals at Bupa Dental Hunters Hill are here to help.

When you first visit our modern clinic setting, our friendly team will take the time to chat with you and do a detailed review of your oral health history, which helps us to understand any concerns you may have already identified, or priorities you think need to be addressed with your teeth.

We’ll then prepare a thorough plan, which will take this into account, as well as addressing any preventative treatments you may need to keep your teeth in top condition.

By taking the time to look at preventative measures, we can help you reduce the chance of more complex procedures being needed in the future. Prevention is usually better than cure!

Our team will then explain all the steps in the plan, making sure you’re aware of all the choices you’ve got available to you, and answer any questions you might have, to ensure you’re able to make an informed decision about any treatment you may need.

Whether you just need a dentist for a regular check-up and clean for the whole family, or you’re looking for help with more involved treatments such as dental implants, our team can assist.

And for those patients who may be looking for assistance with a brighter, whiter smile as well as additional protection, we can also offer options such as dental veneers and teeth whitening services.

Centrally located in Hunters Hill, our friendly team at Bupa Dental makes getting quality dental health care for the whole family simple; making sure you feel comfortable both in and out of the dentist chair.

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On site carpark, entrance on Pittwater Road.

100 Ryde Rd , Hunters Hill, NSW 2110, Australia

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Dr Mark Braund

Dr Mark Braund

After graduating from Sydney University with honours in 1995, Dr Mark Braund began a long career of providing exceptional dentistry. Dr Braund started off as a dental officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, working closely with some of the top specialists in dentistry. Although he also has a medical degree, Dr Braund decided his main passion was dentistry after working in private practice for several years in Sydney.

Determined to make sure his patients enjoy excellent, cutting-edge services and techniques, he has trained and studied with leading specialists all over the world. Dr Braund believes that the science of dentistry is best matched with a gentle approach and a patient-centred philosophy, as well as an artistic eye for those wanting cosmetic changes.

In his free time, Dr Braund loves spending time with his wife, Natalie, and their young sons, Luke, Angus and Charles. He has a strong interest in sports, especially cricket.

Dr Daniel Adamo

Dr Daniel Adamo

Dr Adamo began working in private practice in Five Dock after earning his degree from Sydney University in 1995. During this time, he developed a strong interest in implant dentistry. He then moved to the UK to broaden his professional experience, allowing him to treat a varied group of patients and gain a wide range of experience in general dentistry.

With his continued interest in implant dentistry, as well as oral surgery, Dr Adamo returned to Sydney University and earned a diploma of clinical dentistry, specialising in oral implants. After this, he pursued further education internationally and is still committed to continued learning. His number one goal is to provide patients with a comfortable, convenient environment in which they can receive excellent dental care.

When he’s not looking after his community’s oral health, Dr Adamo enjoys sports, staying active and spending time with his lovely family.

Dr Sam Martin

Dr Sam Martin

Dr Sam Martin completed a bachelor of science at the University of New England, residing at St Alberts College where he acted as a senior academic advisor on microbiology and genetics. He then completed his bachelor of dentistry at Sydney University.

After earning his degree, Dr Martin began practising with our team. He quickly developed a reputation as a practitioner who was caring and precise, yet relaxed and easy-going with patients.

Along with his experience in a large variety of dental fields, Dr Martin is passionate about staying up-to-date with new advances in dentistry. He’s especially interested in ceramics and related materials, and has studied CEREC dentistry in-depth. He’s also trained in dental implants and brings significant experience in minor oral surgery and implant work.

Dr Boon Tan

Dr Boon Tan

After completing his dental degree at the University of Adelaide, Dr Boon Tan returned to Victoria to practice for a few years. At a young age of 23, he joined an established practice in Torquay VIC and became a friendly local name due to his gentle nature. Boon was accredited at two private hospitals in the Geelong region and has performed numerous dental surgeries for adults and children. 

Boon likes to challenge himself. With support from family, he then decided to move to Sydney, where the apex of dentistry is located, and joined Dental Lounge. He is currently undertaking trainings in cosmetic dentistry with the world leading dentists.

Boon is a certified provider of Invisalign and Clearcorrect. He is now completing a renowned mini-residency in Orthodontics, focusing on the spatial relationships of facial aesthetics and dental alignment, granting him membership with the International Association of Orthodontics.

Outside of Boon’s passion, his interests include weight training, fishing, cooking and surfing. He also plays tennis, badminton and soccer when the surf’s down.

Dr Gareth Miller

Dr Gareth Miller

Dr Gareth Miller graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2005 with an Honorary degree in biomedical material science. He then Stayed on to complete his Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Gareth has worked both in private practice and government hospital settings. During his travels of Australia, he worked at a dental hospital on the sunshine coast focusing on emergency dentistry and oral surgery.Gareth has exceptional skills in all aspects of dentistry with a particular interest in implants. He has a great eye for aesthetics and is comprehensive in his treatment planning to ensure long lasting results for his patients.

During his time in Sydney Gareth has worked for a mobile dental clinic providing the most vulnerable people in society with essential dental care. This has made Gareth extremely confident when dealing with complex patients including dementia sufferers. As a result of his experience with behaviourally challenged patients, Gareth has developed a very gentle and patient orientated approach to dentistry. He is always learning new ways to involve new technology into his clinical practice and is a firm believer in continuing professional development.

Gareth is fluent in Welsh. Enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments, and has a wide range of sporting interests.

  • Dr David Farrington 

Oral Health Therapists

Tom Cocks

Tom Cocks

A caring oral health therapist (OHT) and hygienist, Tom Cocks attended the University of Adelaide and completed a bachelor of oral health in 2012. He worked in both NSW and Adelaide before heading to Sydney to complete a postgraduate degree in dental medicine at Sydney University.

As an oral health therapist, he performs general restorative and preventive dentistry for children. He also provides hygiene services for children and adults alike but is especially passionate about paediatric dental care. Tom’s reassuring and understanding approach makes him a popular choice for all patients.

Melissa Carroll

Melissa Carroll

Completing her bachelor of oral health at the University of Newcastle in 2008, Melissa Carroll began her career as an OHT and hygienist in Australia and the UK. She has built a wide array of experience in a variety of high-end clinics, giving her invaluable skills in delivering excellent dental care.

In addition to helping people look after their oral hygiene, Melissa looks after cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, orthodontic appointments and dental implant aftercare, to name a few. However, her top priority is making sure that patients are able to maintain their oral health and lessen their chances of developing complications in the first place.

When she’s not working in the clinic, Melissa enjoys team sports, travelling and photography.

Our dentists and therapists speak:

  • English
  • Mandarin: Dr Boon Tan (dentist)
  • Malaysian: Dr Boon Tan (dentist)
  • Indonesian: Dr Boon Tan (dentist)
  • Cantonese: Dr Boon Tan (dentist)
  • Hokkien: Dr Boon Tan (dentist)

Other staff also speak:

  • English
  • Macedonian
  • German
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100 Ryde Rd , Hunters Hill, NSW 2110, Australia
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