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Bupa Dental is committed to helping make Petrie smiles brighter and healthier, with our experienced staff delivering high-quality, convenient dental care in a friendly environment.

Looking after your oral health is essential for your health and wellbeing, which is why we begin your first consultation with a comprehensive assessment of the health of your teeth, and discuss with you any concerns or goals you may have about your oral health. This helps us tailor a treatment plan that is right for your individual requirements and circumstances. Our caring dentists are happy to explain treatment options in depth, allowing you to make informed decisions along the way.

We focus on protecting your smile through prevention and early detection of oral health problems. Our goal is to keep your teeth strong and healthy for life, while helping you avoid preventable problems that can be painful (and often costly). To help do this, we offer a wide range of dental services, from basic check-ups to more involved treatments like dental implants. For patients who want both protection and an improved look, we also offer services such as teeth whitening and dental veneers.

With expertise in health services , an experienced dental team, and a convenient location in Petrie, Bupa Dental makes getting high-quality care easy so you can feel comfortable both in and out of the dentist’s chair.


Free parking is available on site. 

1002 Anzac Avenue , Petrie, QLD 4502, Australia

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Dr Andrew Boorer

Dr Andrew Boorer

Dr Andrew Boorer has been caring for patients in the Petrie community for over 20 years. Following in his father's footsteps, Dr Boorer is committed not only to his patients' dental needs but also their overall health and wellbeing. Staying up-to-date with the latest treatments and procedures is important to Andrew. He consistently invests his time participating in additional courses and programs.

As a Las Vegas Institute (LVI) graduate, Andrew has excellent insight and skills in advanced dental techniques and concepts. LVI training has enabled him to look at a patient’s complete health situation to try and find the underlying cause of the problem.

Dr Boorer and his wife, Karen, are kept busy with their three sons, Flynn, Ned and Archer. When not at work, he loves spending time with family and friends. He usually spends weekends watching the boys play various sports and squeezing in his many recreational pursuits, which include triathlons and trail running. During the football season, if you hear someone shouting out “Go the Bombers” you can safely bet it will be him!

Dr David Li

Dr David Li

A member of the Australian Dental Association, Dr David Li has a strong reputation as a caring and experienced dentist. He earned degrees in dentistry and dental science from Griffith University, and he still engages in continuing education and development to this day.

Dr Li is interested in a variety of fields within dentistry, but his greatest interest tends to lie with the patients themselves. He enjoys chit-chatting and getting to know the people who visit him for treatment, which helps him build trusting relationships and makes patients feel more comfortable in the dental chair. This is especially true for anxious patients, both adults and children – Dr Li understands that a dental visit can be nerve-wracking for some, which is why he feels strongly about proving that not all dental experiences are scary.

Dentistry isn’t his only interest, however. He says he’s a bit of a foodie and is interested in movies and singing (“although terrible at it,” according to Dr Li). You’ll also regularly find him at the gym staying healthy, although he declines to label this as a hobby or passion because “it’s torture.”

Dr Akila Vithanage

Dr Akila Vithanage

Dr Akila Vithanage graduated from Griffith University, earning qualifications and honours in dentistry. He worked in private practice in Brisbane and Sydney, as well as Newcastle hospitals for NSW Health, before joining the Bupa Dental Petrie team.

Dr Vithanage is especially interested in oral surgery, implantology and preventive care. He is committed to helping patients prevent dental problems before they start and believes strongly in patient education. He also stays up-to-date with continuing advancements in dentistry in order to make sure he delivers the newest techniques and approaches.

In his free time, Dr Vithanage enjoys getting regular exercise at the gym and spending time with his family and fiancée

Dr Rashi Malla

Dr Rashi Malla

Dr Rashi Malla graduated in 2008, obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Dental Sciences from BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal. She worked in Nepal for several years before moving to Australia in 2011. She completed the Australian Dental Council examination in 2013.

In Australia, she has worked for Queensland Health and private practices. She aims to treat every patient in a respectful, compassionate and caring manner and takes pride in addressing their concerns, easing any anxiety during their treatment. Dr Malla also likes to keep herself updated on the latest treatments and technology.

In her free time, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her young son. Her weekends usually include activities with her husband and their son.

Dr Larissa Nicholson

Dr Larissa Nicholson

Returning to Brisbane after eight years on the Gold Coast, Dr Larissa Nicholson joined the Bupa Dental Petrie team and quickly developed a warm, caring reputation among both colleagues and patients.

Dr Nicholson graduated in dentistry from Griffith University on the Gold Coast and enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially cosmetic, prosthodontics and periodontology. She has undergone plenty of dental procedures herself, so she understands what it feels like to be a patient and prides herself on being as gentle as possible.

On weekends, Dr Nicholson can be found running around with her family of boys, eating out and attempting to start an exercise regime.

Dr Tarra Lind

Dr Tarra Lind

Before earning qualifications in dentistry at the University of Queensland, Dr Tarra Lind was already qualified as a registered nurse. Her long-standing dedication to others’ health translated to success as a fledgeling dentist: in her graduating year, Dr Lind was one of 50 dental students chosen nationally to work as part of the voluntary dental graduate program.

Although Dr Lind enjoys helping all patients with a variety of issues, she is particularly interested in kids’ dentistry, special needs and dental anxiety. Her experience and warm demeanour are a helpful combination if you’re anxious about dental visits!

Dr Lind is also a member of the Australian Dental Association.

When she’s not working in the clinic, Dr Lind enjoys spending time with her family and creating terrariums.

Dr Purna Rajapakse

Dr Purna Rajapakse

A dentist known for her professionalism and warm demeanour, Dr Purna Rajapakse earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Queensland. Since beginning her career in dentistry, she developed a keen interest in children’s dentistry and helping patients achieve any cosmetic goals they might have.

Dr Rajapakse is a strong believer in preventive dentistry, particularly among children. She works closely with our team to help kids develop the kinds of oral health habits that can keep their teeth and gums healthy well into their adult years.

Outside of the clinic, Dr Rajapakse enjoys reading, cooking and taking her dog out to new places to explore.

Oral Health Therapist

Sarah Gollagher

Sarah Gollagher

Born and bred in Brisbane, Sarah Gollagher’s interest in dentistry was sparked while receiving orthodontic treatment as a teenager. Starting out as a dental assistant at the age of 17, Sarah decided to further her career and become an oral health therapist in 2006 and has recently begun working towards a Master’s in Public Health.

For Sarah, dentistry is her passion. She believes in a holistic approach to her work, asserting that a healthy mouth and body are strongly connected.

In her spare time, Sarah can be found spending time with her sons Kyran and Bayley, socialising with friends, cooking and attempting to stay fit by going to the gym when time permits.

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