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If it’s true that a smile can light up a room, then you need to make sure that you keep yours healthy and bright now, and in the years to come.

The experienced team at Bupa Dental Tea Tree Plaza understand this, and are here to help. Our team of friendly oral health professionals can offer a broad range of services to keep your teeth in tip top condition in our modern clinic.

When you first visit us, we’ll take the time to conduct a thorough review of your dental health history, which helps us to understand any priorities or concerns you may have with your teeth.

We’ll then prepare a detailed plan to take these priorities into account, as well as looking at any preventative measures you may need. This can help to reduce the risk of more complex treatment being required in the future; prevention is often better than cure!

Our caring team will then take you through the plan, ensuring you’re aware of all the options available to you, answer any questions you might have and help you make informed choices throughout the process.

The clinic offers services for the whole family, including regular check-ups and cleaning, as well as more involved treatments such as the latest in dental implant technology.*

For those who may be interested in a brighter, whiter smile as well as added protection, our team of dental professionals also offer options such as veneers and teeth whitening.

Conveniently located in Tea Tree Plaza, our caring team at Bupa Dental makes getting quality dental health care easy, making sure you feel comfortable both in and out of the dentist chair.

Public transport

Westfield Tea Tree Plaza is easily accessible via many different buses, most of which stop at the O’Bahn Interchange.

Plan your route online, or use a real-time transport app.

We also have a taxi rank located near our Australia post entrance (off Smart Road).


Free centre car parking.

Level 2 (opposite Australia Post), Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Rd, Modbury, SA 5092, Australia

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Dr Phillip Stacy

Dr Phillip Stacy

Dr Phillip Stacy has practiced for over 35 years. In this time Dr Stacy and his practice have remained at the cutting edge of modern dentistry and dental technology. His study and interests are in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, orthodontics, sleep dentistry, TMJD treatment, sedation dentistry and anti-wrinkle injections.

Dr Stacy is a firm believer in delivering dental care in a gentle, calm and relaxing environment.

Dr Michael Yuan

Dr Michael Yuan

Dr Yuan is a graduate of The University of Adelaide. During his career he has volunteered in Cambodia, delivering care to those most in need.

With expertise across all fields in dentistry, Dr Yuan has spent extensive time tutoring students at the University of Adelaide. Dr Yuan also speaks Mandarin and enjoys learning new techniques. He offers a wide range of services including cosmetic and restorative dentistry options, including teeth whitening, implants, ceramic dentistry and restoring function where teeth have been lost.

Dr Yuan works to continuously build his already broad base of dental knowledge and has a keen interest in helping patients maintain good oral health habits.

Dr Franco Mignone

Dr Franco Mignone

Dr Mignone is a graduate of The University of Adelaide. He was born and raised in Adelaide and has spent time travelling across the country keeping up-to-date with new dental technologies and techniques.

Dr Mignone is experienced in all areas of dentistry and enjoys focusing on helping people rejuvenate their smiles through a comprehensive range of cosmetic and functional techniques. This includes the replacement of old amalgam fillings with new, tooth-coloured ceramic restorations and whitening techniques.

Dr Mignone speaks Italian and is very happy to work with patients to reduce dental anxiety and nerves when by offering sedation techniques and happy gas. Our clinic also works with qualified anesthetists to administer IV sedation.

Dr Katie Stellon

Dr Katie Stellon

After working in Sydney and volunteering overseas, Dr Katie Stellon completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Adelaide. Dr Stellon’s passion for helping people via dentistry has been apparent from the beginning: she began her career in dentistry after realising that many people can’t easily access the dental care they need. She began supporting organisations who address this issue, realising that helping just one person restore their smile can make a world of difference for that individual.

Dr Stellon is especially interested in sleep dentistry, cosmetic treatments and restorative care. But, most of all, she enjoys helping patients from all cultures and backgrounds stay as healthy as possible. She also enjoys the challenge of carefully tailoring oral health plans for each patient and their individual needs. She is a member of Kids International Dental Services.

Outside of work, Dr Stellon enjoys kickboxing, hiking and whipping up delicious new creations in her kitchen.

Dr Paul Park

Dr Paul Park

Known among patients as a committed and friendly dentist, Dr Paul Park completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Adelaide.

While Dr Park is interested in all aspects of dentistry, he frequently works with dental restorations, prosthodontics, root canal therapy and gum disease treatment. A strong believer in continued education, Dr Park is also pursuing further training in dental implantology.

Dr Park focuses on clear, productive communication with his patients. He believes this is a vital part of building trusting, informed relationships, which in turn helps patients maintain good oral health habits. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association and Dental Protection Limited. He also speaks Korean fluently.

Outside of work, Dr Park tries to maintain a healthy work-life balance through activities like snowboarding, travelling, fitness and spending time with his family

Dr Andy Lee

Dr Andy Lee

After earning his qualifications from the University of Adelaide and the University of British Columbia, Dr Andy Lee began his career as a warm, patient dentist. He first became interested in dentistry after he fractured a few of his own front teeth and saw first-hand the impact dental restorations could have.

Because he enjoys providing others with the same type of help he needed at one point, Dr Lee has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and functional restorations. However, he’s well-versed in a wide range of dental care.

Dr Lee is a big believer in ensuring patients are informed about their oral health as well as their treatment options. He enjoys helping anxious patients relax (and maybe even laugh a bit). He is a member of the Australian Dental Association.

Besides caring for others’ smiles, Dr Lee is also a fan of basketball, tennis and discovering new gadgets.

Oral Health Therapists

Carly Davies

Carly Davies

Carly Davies is an experienced oral health therapist who graduated from Adelaide University with a bachelor of oral health. An integral part of our team for over a decade, Carly has a strong dedication to improving the ongoing oral health of every patient she sees.

Carly has developed a broad knowledge of preventative and restorative dentistry and is especially skilled at supporting people who experience dental anxiety. Coupled with strong listening skills and empathy, she has a passion for staying up-to-date with advances in oral care and gum disease prevention. These skills and experience have made Carly a highly respected, senior member of the team.

Outside the clinic, Carly enjoys being a mum to her two sweet children. She also makes time for reading and walking with friends.

Madeleine McLaren

Madeleine McLaren

Before we re-branded to Bupa Dental, Madeleine McLaren was a long-time patient of our clinic – now she’s made the transition to oral health therapist and is instrumental in helping us care for our community’s oral health.

After graduating from Adelaide University, Madeleine began providing a wide range of dental care and hygiene services. She’s interested in preventive dentistry and enjoys empowering her patients to care for their teeth and gums. Although she’s committed to treating both children and adults, Madeleine has a special interest in improving children’s oral health and helping them build oral hygiene habits that last a lifetime.

When she’s not delivering excellent dental services, you’re likely to find Madeleine walking her dog or baking.

Samantha Galpin

Samantha Galpin

Before becoming an oral health therapist, Sam Galpin completed her studies in hygiene and therapy at the University of Adelaide. Since then, she’s developed a reputation as a warm and dedicated clinician.

Sam cites her relationships with patients as one of her favourite parts of working in dentistry. For Sam, one of her key responsibilities is empowering people to improve their own oral health and overall well-being. Because oral health can affect overall health, she strongly emphasises preventive care.

Sam has a special interest in children’s dentistry, periodontal work and preventive dentistry. She’s also a member of the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapist Association and the Dental Hygienists Association.

In her free time, you’re most likely to find Sam getting some exercise at the gym or hanging out with her family in Mount Gambier.

Jamie Lee Spencer

Jamie Lee Spencer

After earning her Bachelor of Science (Oral Health Therapy) from Curtin in 2015, Jamie-Lee Spencer began her career as an oral health therapist. Motivated by a long-standing drive to help others, Jamie-Lee spends most of her time helping patients maintain their teeth for life.

With a special passion for tiny teeth, Jamie-Lee is interested in kids’ oral health and assisting our littlest patients in understanding the importance of dental care and hygiene. She believes strongly in the value of preventive care and enjoys building relationships with her patients.

Aside from caring for others’ oral health, Jamie-Lee enjoys travelling and staying fit through functional training.

Bianca Esposito

Bianca Esposito

An experienced oral health therapist, Bianca Esposito earned her Bachelor of Oral Health at Adelaide University in 2008. Known among her colleagues as an invaluable team player, Bianca is passionate about helping the Tea Tree community improve their oral health.

As an oral health therapist, she has a strong focus on preventive care, providing exams, clinical treatment, cleaning, x-rays and more. She also believes in educating patients about the best ways to care for their teeth and making sure they’re using correct hygiene techniques at home. For Bianca, an important part of education is building trust and relationships with her patients. She is a member of the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association.

When she’s not working in the clinic, you can find Bianca going to the gym, trying new cuisine around town, travelling and spending time with her family and friends.


Carly Sargent

Carly Sargent

Carly Sargent earned an Advanced Diploma of Oral Health from TAFE SA Gilles Plain in 2010. She began her career as a dental hygienist in the Clare Valley over a decade ago, igniting her passion for dental hygiene and oral health. Carly has also undertaken further studies in panoramic radiography, teeth whitening and Invisalign.

Carly has been working in Adelaide for the past three years. She’s committed to educating and motivating patients to improve and maintain their oral health, as well as their overall health. A member of the Dental Hygienist Association of Australia, she is especially interested in treating and managing periodontal disease.

When she’s not in the clinic, Carly enjoys reading, scrapbooking and staying active by playing netball, running, bike riding and heading to the gym.

Carly Jarman

Carly Jarman

Graduating with an advanced diploma of oral health, Carly Jarman has spent years caring for our community’s dental health. Her enthusiasm and passion for oral health have proven to be invaluable additions to our team.

Carly’s foremost priority is her patients’ long-term oral health, but she also recognises the importance of helping people achieve their cosmetic goals safely. She has a special interest in teeth whitening and orthodontics, enabling her to advise patients on cosmetic issues while still keeping oral health at the forefront of their treatment plans. In addition, Carly enjoys keeping up with all areas of advancing technology in dentistry.

Outside of the dental clinic, Carly can be found staying healthy at the gym and while playing team sports like netball.

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Level 2 (opposite Australia Post), Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Rd, Modbury, SA 5092, Australia
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